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The Kings of Content 2018


Five content marketing lessons from the world’s largest brands...

  • Disney: Know your audience
  • Apple: Be human
  • Google: Make the most of video
  • Microsoft: Be ubiquitous, but don't flood the market
    KoC iPad
  • Amazon: Write to inform

To test the power of CONCURED’s platform, we plumbed in unprecedented volumes of data, sourced from the last 12 months’ worth of content marketing initiatives from the world’s top 15 most talked about brands. Through a deep-dive analysis, our AI set about understanding what it is that makes these brands such effective content marketers.

The Kings of Content benchmark and downloadable ebook outline the key findings from that analysis, deconstructing the most effective aspects of the world’s top brands and helping us to calculate exactly what it is that makes them the king of content strategy.



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