The Concured Platform

A Multi Award-Winning Content Marketing AI Platform that helps you understand what content best engages your audience


CONCURED answers the single-most burning question on every content marketer’s mind: what do I write about? CONCURED analyses Billions of data points to highlight trending topic gaps for you to exploit.

IDEATION will enable you to:

  • Generate data-driven content ideas to more quickly orchestrate the conversation with their audience
  • Understand the context that resonates best on any given topic so that you are not relying on ambiguous keywords and can delight and engage like never before they want
  • See which topics, in context, drive the most page views, conversions and sales so you can create content on topics that convert and increase your ROI

Create engaging content


Benchmark your content vs. your competitors, along with unrivalled access to the content strategy and reasons behind the success of content within your industry.

AUDIT will enable you to:

  • Benchmark content performance vs. competitors to gain a competitive advantage
  • Audit the content of your competitors and leading publishers to know exactly which content is performing, where it is performing and why
  • Find all of their content in one place, tagged by industry leading topic tagging, so they can find the best content to re-use and adapt more readily
  • Identify their audience by understanding who they follow, what content they consume and what topics engage to better target them with content that they want

Increasing ROI


Automate data-driven content briefs that give the best chance of success in record time.

CREATE will enable you to:

  • Automate data-driven content briefs by making sense of billions of data points to suggest content briefs that are designed to engage and convert so you can scale your operation like never before
  • Curate royalty FREE imagery so that you can find visuals to accompany your content at ZERO cost and faster than ever before
  • See how different topics resonate with different audiences on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and your website so that you can tailor your content to your audience and increase engagement and ROI

Create data-driven content

Gain Executive Buy-in and Produce Consistent Content...

CONCURED enables you to create results-based content. By using our recommendations, you can eliminate the guessing game and back up your content strategy with real engagement data and insights. Finally, a content strategy guided by proven data that every level of your company can get behind.

Produce consistent content

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What our clients say ...

We have never understood the interests of our audience better

Mark Tyler

Senior Manager at SKY

What we needed, without realising it, was CONCURED. The software has allowed us to shorten our content production process and increase engagement while providing us with the data we need to justify our content marketing approaches

Yusuf Bhana

Head of Digital at Translate Media

It's a must have for any in-house writing or editorial team

Alycia Wilson

Manager Content Strategy at BMO Financial Group

By adding CONCURED to our toolkit, 30m have seen a fantastic lift in performance, efficiency and content ROI

Jared Owen

CEO of 30m

CONCURED enables us to validate our ideas and no longer rely on guesswork

Chris Marais

Social & Digital Marketing Lead at Nationwide