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Content Strategy That Works

Stop guessing and start knowing exactly what you need to do in order to prove ROI


CONCURED automates the management of content by topic tagging, scoring and indexing. This enables a LIVE content audit which allows you to instantly find, reuse or adapt your content.

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CONCURED provides unrivaled research into the topics that will engage your audience, how you create engaging content performing vs. competitors and highlighting just how well you are known for your pillar topics.

Create a content production plan that will elevate your content to be industry defining, win the biggest audience by design and prove ROI.

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CONCURED content planning tool allows you to build data-driven content briefs that you can share with your content creators or agency. Transparent content with the evidence you need to gain company-wide buy-in.

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CONCURED'S analyzes billions of data points to identify topical trends that you can take advantage of. The Distribute tool then identifies the best content you have to promote on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your own site in real time. Always promote what your audience wants.

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CONCURED'S performance allows you to automatically track how your content is performing on the web, social and vs. your competitors. This enables 100% transparency and the instant ability to evaluate content performance and prove ROI.

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What do our customers think?

"We have never understood the interests of our audience better."
Mark Tyler
Senior Marketing Manager at SKY
"This is the coolest technology I have seen in years!"
Robert Rose
Chief Strategy Officer at The Content Marketing Institute
"CONCURED data allows us to see exactly what topics we should focus on to engage our audience. This helps us to justify our decisions and gain buy-in from others across the business."
Chris Marais
Social & Digital Marketing Lead at Nationwide
"It's a must have for any in-house writing or editorial team."
Alycia Wilson
Content Strategy at BMO


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