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What technologies will shape the future of digital marketing?

By Tom Salvat 29 March, 2018

Since the radio era, the core advertising platform, the way in which marketers reach their primary audience, has changed every 10 to 20 years. Consider the following:

Content marketing trends: The prevalence of data capture

By Tom Salvat 30 October, 2017

Companies have been gathering information on their customers since the first salesmen walked the earth. These days we are swimming in oceans of information about our customers, but it’s not easy to capture and process it all. Data capture technologies continue to improve,...

How Important is Competitive Intelligence?

By Tom Salvat 1 March, 2017

If I had known my competition was working on the same project and further along, I would have approached my launch differently.

What went wrong in this decision-making process? How can I learn and grow from those mistakes?

Write for the Future with AI

By Tom Salvat 24 January, 2017

There is a very good reason why fiction authors are not encouraged to write for the ever-changing whims of the market. It takes months to produce a full-length work, if not years. By then, the topic that was selling like hotcakes (zombie fiction, women's fiction about cancer...

How Smart is Your Data?

By Tom Salvat 13 January, 2017

We need data to do our jobs. We can't plan content projects based on our gut feelings anymore, nor feel our way into a great marketing strategy. Data helps us to determine what's working, what isn't, and what people are looking for.

But depending solely on data, especially...

Does software help or harm the content creation process?

By Tom Salvat 11 August, 2016

Good content has a great creative spark behind it that can’t be replicated by any piece of software. But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t trying to make software to make content creation easier! Does using software really help you create more and better content pieces?...

Data Analytics Insights

By Tom Salvat 25 July, 2016

A lot of other things had to happen before we got the marketing intelligence we do today. But where does that intelligence come from, and how do we know that it’s good intelligence? Should we act on it? Stories about that have been around for decades, one of the most famous...

Cloud Content Investment of Financial Institutions

By Tom Salvat 22 March, 2016

The cloud and the financial services industry have had a rocky road together, and for good reason. Other than perhaps the health industry, the financial services industry is one of the most heavily regulated sectors in the economy. Despite all of the advantages of the cloud,...

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