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What Happens When Likes are Gone?

By Tom Salvat 28 October, 2019

Remember when Facebook reactions came out? Did you know they were used 300 billion times in the first year they were introduced, plus another 3,125,000 new likes every minute? That’s a lot of clicking on that little thumbs-up icon. 

Coping With Reduced Social Media Reach

By Tom Salvat 30 September, 2019

You can have the best content on the web, but if it’s not put in a place where the audience can find it, then it’s not going to help you. It’s frustrating to spend weeks on a piece only to have it barely make a blip.

The Don'ts of Social Media Marketing

By Tom Salvat 13 May, 2019

Social media has been around for the better part of two decades. And even though there are entire companies dedicated to social media marketing and a near endless selection of online courses, we still see social media platforms riddled with poor practices.

Leveraging Social Media and Social Data for Future Content

By Tom Salvat 16 April, 2019

You finish reading an article and think, “Wow, that was so _____________” (informative, funny, helpful, etcetera) and you feel compelled to share it with your friends. You scroll to the social share buttons: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and more. You click one, write...

Whatever Happened to Comments on Blogs?

By Tom Salvat 11 March, 2019

"What do you think of the topic discussed? Drop us a comment below!"

It used to be the call to action of almost every blog post. Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Leave a comment on the article. It allowed for reader-author (or sometimes, moderator) interaction that could...

How are financial institutions on Instagram using the channel?

By Tom Salvat 13 March, 2018

It seems as if every few years another new social media channel comes along. Instagram isn’t exactly new but it was long seen as a place just for young people to swap photos. But if you haven’t looked at this channel for a while, you might be surprised at how much it has...

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