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Content Strategy: Easy Ways To Manage Your Global Content Marketing Team

By Tom Salvat 10 September, 2018

If you plan to go global with your content, you need people on the ground in your markets to implement your content marketing strategy. Managing teams all over the world requires a different method of management due to unique obstacles, and we’re not just talking about time...

Content Strategy: Agile Marketing with Jeff Julian

By Edwin Raymond 20 August, 2018


Technology has thoroughly infiltrated the marketing space, and now software programming methodologies are proving quite useful for content marketers. Jeff Julian is at the forefront of introducing the Agile software development methodology to marketers in his book Agile...

How Research will Save Your Marketing Career (If it hasn't already)

By Tom Salvat 16 March, 2017

Much like going to the dentist, doing research is that one thing nobody wants to do  but knows that they can't avoid forever. Doing research may not be as fun as cranking out an amazing first draft for an online article, brainstorming ideas for a new content marketing...

How to track your Content Marketing ROI at each stage of the funnel

By Tom Salvat 4 November, 2016

 Some numbers-oriented executives consider marketing and advertising to be a kind of black box. They know they need to market, and they know it drives sales, but they think that there is no way to confidently measure the return they are getting on their investment.

Are you getting a good ROI on your Content Software?

By Tom Salvat 20 September, 2016

In the beginning, big brands were able to throw what they wanted on the web. It was a new technology. Small business owners followed suit, and as a result… lots of ineffective content ended up getting published.

Scaling your marketing operation

By Tom Salvat 16 August, 2016

As your company gets larger and you have to deal with more and more customers, how do you handle the marketing tasks without spending significantly more money? The easiest way to answer this is to use automation. But automation can lead to a lack of personality in your...

Content delivery mistakes that can affect your ROI

By Tom Salvat 19 April, 2016

Last time we talked about basic errors that we see people make with written content pieces, things like typos and the lack of a CTA. But making a great piece of content is only part of the puzzle. It also has to get enough exposure. With so many web pages and pieces of...

How to fail at Content Marketing ROI

By Tom Salvat 19 April, 2016

We obviously love content, which is why we hate it when we see Content Marketing pieces that just don't work. Content is a lot like steak. There's a lot of things that can ruin a good piece of content. That's what we're going to talk about today. What are the things that...

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