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Make Your Website Relaunch Go Right

By Tom Salvat 15 January, 2020

We’ve been working hard to create our new branding for Concured and part of that effort is relaunching our website (watch this space!)

How Concured Is Rebranding Itself

By Tom Salvat 13 January, 2020

In October, we ran an article about the benefits and pitfalls of rebranding your business. We wanted to write an update about our ongoing rebranding efforts and what you can expect in the upcoming year from the refresh. We’re very excited about this new identity we’re...

The Benefits And Pitfalls To Rebranding Your Business

By Tom Salvat 9 January, 2020

What happens when you love your branding but it’s passing your audience by? Maybe you’ve been successful for a long time and times have changed. You need a new approach and it’s time to rebrand your business to show the world that you’re still up-to-date with the times.

Tips To Tackle Next Year’s Holiday Content Marketing

By Tom Salvat 7 January, 2020

By the time this article goes live, most of the holiday season will be over. If you’re like most companies, thinking about your content marketing strategy during a time when everyone is planning to be on holiday is a problem.

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