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Use An Explainer Video To Make Your Marketing Snappy

By Tom Salvat 13 November, 2019

What do readers pay attention to the most out of any other form of content?It’s video. People love to pay attention to video, especially younger consumers. Textcontent still has its place, of course, but the fact that videos grab attention means thatmarketing teams should...

Building Client Trust Is The Reason To Do Content Marketing

By Tom Salvat 30 October, 2019

Why do we do content marketing? Why spend all this effort? What’s the purpose?

What Happens When Likes are Gone?

By Tom Salvat 28 October, 2019

Remember when Facebook reactions came out? Did you know they were used 300 billion times in the first year they were introduced, plus another 3,125,000 new likes every minute? That’s a lot of clicking on that little thumbs-up icon. 

Why Marketing Technology Must Catch up to Other Business Segments, and How CONCURED can Help

By Tom Salvat 12 September, 2019

From the moment the first caveman scratched a wobbly shape into a cave wall with a piece of charcoal, the flickering flame of a makeshift torch shining a light on the fledgling masterpiece, creativity and technology have gone hand in hand.

What is Content Personalization?

By Tom Salvat 24 June, 2019

This article is the first in our series of posts focusing on content personalization: What is it, what are the benefits, and how can you implement it into your current marketing strategy? Make sure the figurative submarine is tightly secured, because we're about to go on a...

Why All Departments (Not Just Marketing) Must Have a Stake in Your Content Strategy

By Michael Brenner 10 June, 2019

Ask the decision makers of any enterprise-level business which department should have responsibility for the content marketing strategy, and they’ll undoubtedly name the marketing department.

Why You Need To Integrate Your Marketing Team For Maximum Results

By Tom Salvat 15 April, 2019

If you read the title of this article and thought, "CONCURED team, what are you talking about? Of course my marketing team is integrated. We couldn’t be successful without being integrated.” Okay, but is it really?

B2B Content Marketing Tactics for 2019

By Michael Brenner 8 April, 2019

Do you feel like your B2B content marketing strategy has become stale and your methods don't seem to be getting the results they used to?

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it's vital to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tactics if you want to stay...

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