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Content Strategy: Data Driven Trends To Localize Your Global Content Strategy Planning

By Tom Salvat 20 August, 2018

Localizing your marketing content to give it global reach is a tough job. If you’re just starting out with global content marketing campaigns, you need to know that localization is NOT just translation. It’s changing slang, usage, style, cultural references, and anything else...

Content Strategy: Marketing and Sales Alignment With Pam Didner

By Tom Salvat 13 August, 2018

Pam Didner is a marketing consultant, author, and speaker. Her second book, Effective Sales Enablement, provides unconventional insights into how marketing and sales can better work together through strategy alignment, team organization, account-based marketing and...

Content Strategy: Empowering Your Brand with Big Data, and AI to Engage with Your Buyer Persona

By Tom Salvat 13 August, 2018

Companies create buyer personas to simulate their ideal customers. We used to build them by imagining broad demographic details about who we thought would be the perfect target for our products and services. That idea would then get fleshed out through surveys and customer...

The Importance Of Buyer Personas To Your Content Strategy

By Edwin Raymond 6 August, 2018

Great content marketing strategy begins with knowing your customers and clients inside and out. Engaging audiences starts with the creation of buyer personas. Buyer personas form the imaginary and ideal audience of your content and your business. Making them is a common first...

Content Intelligence Explained in 60 seconds

By Tom Salvat 30 July, 2018

Content Intelligence offers content marketers the data they need to better understand their audience, what their strategy should be and prove ROI. Content Intelligence enables content marketers to gain valuable insights from volumes of data that help make better, data...

How Banks can use Content Intelligence to improve Content Marketing - Infographic

By Tom Salvat 23 July, 2018

Content marketing lives and breathes on reciprocity. Companies give something useful and valuable to readers that satisfies some want. Through that satisfaction, the reader trusts the company with satisfying additional needs that are monetized through the company’s products...

Top 6 Content Strategy Platforms For Content Marketing

By Tom Salvat 9 July, 2018

Today’s senior content strategists need tools that work for them. While many Content Strategy platforms are easy to learn and use, the time you invest into integrating a tool into your workflow becomes wasted time if it doesn’t do the job you need it for.

What is Content Intelligence? -Infographic

By Tom Salvat 2 July, 2018

 It’s no question that content marketing is the preferred marketing strategy for online businesses due to its effectiveness, however, it can feel a lot like shouting into a void and hoping for an echo.

It’s a serious issue and it’s only getting worse. Content Intelligence is...

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