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Why you need to start paying attention to Marketing AI now

By Tom Salvat 15 October, 2018

 You can see it everywhere if you know where to look. Marketing AI has gone from a curiosity and a pipe dream to something that’s quite real and growing fast. If you’re not paying attention to what’s happening in the marketing AI space, and considering AI purchases for your...

Why AI Marketing Is Important To Your Content Development Strategy

By Tom Salvat 24 September, 2018

When was the last time you came up with a content idea that really captured the interest of your audience? Do you even know? 

Content marketing is changing fast. Until recently content generation was about little more than encouraging a few switched on individuals to blog...

Top 9 Tools to Quickly Scale Your Global Content Marketing Strategy

By Tom Salvat 17 September, 2018

To run a global content strategy, telephones and emails are not good enough. There are better tools for collaboration, project management, and research. Naturally, we’re biased about using CONCURED for content strategy but we’re just one piece of the puzzle. Here are some of...

Content Strategy: Agile Marketing with Jeff Julian

By Edwin Raymond 20 August, 2018


Technology has thoroughly infiltrated the marketing space, and now software programming methodologies are proving quite useful for content marketers. Jeff Julian is at the forefront of introducing the Agile software development methodology to marketers in his book Agile...

Top 6 Content Strategy Platforms For Content Marketing Infographic

By Tom Salvat 16 July, 2018

Here is our Top 6 Content Strategy Platforms (CSPs)

Content Intelligence For SMEs

By Tom Salvat 25 June, 2018

Large enterprises have the budgets to invest heavily in the tools and personnel for customized artificial intelligence platforms, sophisticated automation, and dedicated content intelligence teams, but it’s the small business sector that can most benefit from the cornucopia...

How Content Intelligence Tools Help Banks Create Successful Content Marketing Strategies

By Tom Salvat 11 June, 2018

Banks are facing a real trust problem. Only a third of UK citizens trust their bank. US citizens trust their banks even less. Customers don’t expect banks to work in their best interests. That’s a serious problem. Part of the reason is many bank customers feel frustrated when...

How Financial Sector Marketers Use Content Intelligence To Increase Audience Engagement

By Tom Salvat 11 June, 2018

Content marketing AI platforms are going to change the way all businesses approach their audiences. It’s only in the past few years that AI has been used as an effective tool for business, it’s much like the early days of the internet - we’re still fumbling around a lot. But...

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