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How Important is Competitive Intelligence?

By Tom Salvat 1 March, 2017

If I had known my competition was working on the same project and further along, I would have approached my launch differently.

What went wrong in this decision-making process? How can I learn and grow from those mistakes?

Three steps to better discoverability

By Tom Salvat 7 February, 2017

 A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That means you can't ignore any single stage in your sales funnel. One weak link will snap that chain.

Growing Your Business Blog

By Tom Salvat 30 January, 2017

 In our rapidly changing online world, the word blog feels almost like an antique. And yet, businesses are starting new blogs every day in order to gain exposure and shape their brands. There’s a reason they have staying power. They are excellent tools for connecting with...

How Smart is Your Data?

By Tom Salvat 13 January, 2017

We need data to do our jobs. We can't plan content projects based on our gut feelings anymore, nor feel our way into a great marketing strategy. Data helps us to determine what's working, what isn't, and what people are looking for.

But depending solely on data, especially...

Is your business selling a product or a service?

By Tom Salvat 8 December, 2016

Is your business selling a product or a service? Believe it or not, many business owners and executives get the answer to that question wrong the first time. What exactly is the difference between a product and a service? And what about a solution?

How to get C-Suite Buy In for Content Marketing

By Tom Salvat 18 November, 2016

 All too often, companies put a low priority into Content Marketing. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes, business owners and executives prefer to do things the old fashioned way. Their thinking is stuck in the past, and they prefer to keep on doing things the way...

Attract the Right People to your Email Newsletter

By Tom Salvat 10 November, 2016

Having an extensive email list is a powerful tool for any business, whether your strategy is focused on B2C or B2B. If you have ample subscribers, you can form them into an online army of evangelists who will march in support of your next product, service, solution, or idea.

How to track your Content Marketing ROI at each stage of the funnel

By Tom Salvat 4 November, 2016

 Some numbers-oriented executives consider marketing and advertising to be a kind of black box. They know they need to market, and they know it drives sales, but they think that there is no way to confidently measure the return they are getting on their investment.

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