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How Content Intelligence with AI Improves Content Strategy and Increases Sales

By Tom Salvat 11 June, 2018

Picture the following.

 A salesperson sits down to make their first call of the day. They pull up their CRM. The AI built into the CRM delivers a summary of data about the lead, not just the basics, but things like all the content their lead has seen. There’s also a...

How Content Intelligence Tools Help Banks Create Successful Content Marketing Strategies

By Tom Salvat 11 June, 2018

Banks are facing a real trust problem. Only a third of UK citizens trust their bank. US citizens trust their banks even less. Customers don’t expect banks to work in their best interests. That’s a serious problem. Part of the reason is many bank customers feel frustrated when...

How Financial Sector Marketers Use Content Intelligence To Increase Audience Engagement

By Tom Salvat 11 June, 2018

Content marketing AI platforms are going to change the way all businesses approach their audiences. It’s only in the past few years that AI has been used as an effective tool for business, it’s much like the early days of the internet - we’re still fumbling around a lot. But...

How to tailor your content marketing for voice search

By Tom Salvat 20 April, 2018

Have you gotten a smart speaker in your home yet? Amazon may have been first with the Echo, but Google Home is the one we’re interested in today. Why is that? Marketing for Voice search is poised to be a key focus for the content marketing and SEO industries over the next...

Dirty Marketing Tricks that Can be Done Right

By Tom Salvat 26 June, 2017

If someone in line at your local coffee shop asks you what you do for a living, do you cringe before you say 'content marketer?' Or do you avoid the situation altogether by simply saying 'content creator' or 'writer?'

Which Comes First: Content or Headline?

By Tom Salvat 23 March, 2017

Anyone in the online marketing world knows that content is king. In the end, it doesn't matter how many keywords you stuff into a single article, how interesting your images and infographics are, or how exciting the design colours of your website turn out to be. What matters...

How Important is Competitive Intelligence?

By Tom Salvat 1 March, 2017

If I had known my competition was working on the same project and further along, I would have approached my launch differently.

What went wrong in this decision-making process? How can I learn and grow from those mistakes?

How to get C-Suite Buy In for Content Marketing

By Tom Salvat 18 November, 2016

 All too often, companies put a low priority into Content Marketing. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes, business owners and executives prefer to do things the old fashioned way. Their thinking is stuck in the past, and they prefer to keep on doing things the way...

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