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What’s the key to creating engaging content?

By Tom Salvat 3 April, 2018

There are many moving parts in a well-constructed marketing funnel. In this post, we’re going to look at a part called engagement. Engagement is the point of the marketing process where the visitor begins to get to know your brand on a closer level.

Three things you need to know when you’re targeting millennials

By Tom Salvat 23 March, 2018

The Millennial generation has been called a lot of unkind things by older generations. One of the more infuriating ones is an insistence that they are childish. But the Millennials aren’t children anymore. In fact, the oldest ones in the generation are pushing near 40 years...

How are financial institutions on Instagram using the channel?

By Tom Salvat 13 March, 2018

It seems as if every few years another new social media channel comes along. Instagram isn’t exactly new but it was long seen as a place just for young people to swap photos. But if you haven’t looked at this channel for a while, you might be surprised at how much it has...

The two core fears of content generation

By Tom Salvat 22 January, 2018

When your content is on point with your readers, you know it through the data. Your readers begin engaging with it, your peers begin talking about it, and it gets shared across social media channels and other platforms. That piece of content will even increase backlinks to...

Viral content marketing: Lessons learned from IKEA's campaign

By Tom Salvat 5 December, 2017

What’s the secret behind creating viral, engaging content? It’s definitely not an easy question to answer, but there have been many successful campaigns in the past that you can learn from as a content marketer. One of them was based on the popular HBO TV fantasy drama Game...

Content marketing best practice: How to create a swipe file

By Tom Salvat 24 November, 2017

Do you know what a swipe file is? A swipe file, in copywriting, is a selection of proven sales letter and advertising templates. It’s basically a reference guide and inspiration spark for marketing campaigns. Content marketers can also use them to collect titles, topics, and...

Creating a proactive content strategy

By Tom Salvat 16 November, 2017

If you’re a content marketer, have you ever asked yourself: “How do I know what people will want to read about next?” Or: “How do I know people will be interested in the content I’m writing?”

You might use various tools to pick keywords relevant to your audience, or evaluate...

Dirty Marketing Tricks that Can be Done Right

By Tom Salvat 26 June, 2017

If someone in line at your local coffee shop asks you what you do for a living, do you cringe before you say 'content marketer?' Or do you avoid the situation altogether by simply saying 'content creator' or 'writer?'

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