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Content delivery mistakes that can affect your ROI

By Tom Salvat 19 April, 2016

Last time we talked about basic errors that we see people make with written content pieces, things like typos and the lack of a CTA. But making a great piece of content is only part of the puzzle. It also has to get enough exposure. With so many web pages and pieces of...

The Average Research Time

By Tom Salvat 22 March, 2016

If you’ve ever looked at the online job sites, you might notice something annoying about some of the jobs. They have an insanely short turnaround time. Some of these jobs have been from high-level enterprise content marketers, too! It’s as if they believe that a writer can...

Why most Content is guessing

By Tom Salvat 22 March, 2016

Are you using a data-driven tool to answer the biggest question on your mind? There is a TON of trash content on the web… content which falls flat, leaves site visitors feeling empty, or is simply not related. Sometimes it feels like 20% of the writers are actually coming up...

Free for Commercial use Images

By Tom Salvat 19 March, 2016

You’ve written the perfect blog post. Every word you read just makes you want to read more.  Now all it needs is a few pictures to make it pop. But when I get to this point, I can feel the wheels coming to a screeching halt.  Finding the perfect pictures to go with the...

3 Solid Reasons Why Financial Content Marketing Makes Sense (and Cents)

By Tom Salvat 9 January, 2016

Hang around in the field long enough, and you’ll hear the phrase ‘Content is King’ more often than you heard ‘Too big to fail’ during the economic crisis.  Content might be king, but very few financial institutions know how to fully wield the power of Content Marketing.

Biggest Mistakes of Legal Content Marketing

By robp 23 December, 2015

Rand Fishkin of Moz spoke passionately about why good unique content needs to die (see here) in May 2015. In that, he made the point that good content isn’t going to break through the noise.  The content that you produce needs to be great, and by being great, you’ll command...

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