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What’s the key to creating engaging content?

By Tom Salvat 3 April, 2018

There are many moving parts in a well-constructed marketing funnel. In this post, we’re going to look at a part called engagement. Engagement is the point of the marketing process where the visitor begins to get to know your brand on a closer level.

The two core fears of content generation

By Tom Salvat 22 January, 2018

When your content is on point with your readers, you know it through the data. Your readers begin engaging with it, your peers begin talking about it, and it gets shared across social media channels and other platforms. That piece of content will even increase backlinks to...

Viral content marketing: Lessons learned from IKEA's campaign

By Tom Salvat 5 December, 2017

What’s the secret behind creating viral, engaging content? It’s definitely not an easy question to answer, but there have been many successful campaigns in the past that you can learn from as a content marketer. One of them was based on the popular HBO TV fantasy drama Game...

Dirty Marketing Tricks that Can be Done Right

By Tom Salvat 26 June, 2017

If someone in line at your local coffee shop asks you what you do for a living, do you cringe before you say 'content marketer?' Or do you avoid the situation altogether by simply saying 'content creator' or 'writer?'

Three Steps to More Engaging and Persuasive Content

By Tom Salvat 15 May, 2017

As companies invest more and more money into content marketing and as social media and mobile technology make it easier for just about anybody to become an amateur content creator, there is a constant river of content flooding our world.

Which Comes First: Content or Headline?

By Tom Salvat 23 March, 2017

Anyone in the online marketing world knows that content is king. In the end, it doesn't matter how many keywords you stuff into a single article, how interesting your images and infographics are, or how exciting the design colours of your website turn out to be. What matters...

Repurpose your Content with the Turkey Dinner Method

By Tom Salvat 25 October, 2016


Content can be expensive to create, and most marketing departments have to struggle to stay within budget while trying to take their brand to the next level. One way to do that is by repurposing your content. Why is that helpful?


3 Tips on how to make your writing clear and powerful

By Tom Salvat 30 September, 2016

Nothing moves us more than powerful words. And nothing can kill a call to action faster than the wrong wording. You want your words to cut deep with your readers. You want them to feel what you say, deep down inside. You want them to be moved in a profound, emotional way. And...

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