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Content Marketing principles for your Auto Responder campaign

By Tom Salvat 11 April, 2016

Are autoresponders dead? Some would say so. They seem like an early 2000s form of marketing. They're a pre-programmed set of emails that go out one at a time on a schedule. Is that really how we consume content anymore, waiting for the next juicy bit on someone else's time...

The Average Research Time

By Tom Salvat 22 March, 2016

If you’ve ever looked at the online job sites, you might notice something annoying about some of the jobs. They have an insanely short turnaround time. Some of these jobs have been from high-level enterprise content marketers, too! It’s as if they believe that a writer can...

Ideas For Your Law Firms Content Marketing

By Tom Salvat 6 March, 2016

 Content Marketing is a powerful tool to have in your firm’s marketing toolkit.  But what do you talk about?  That’s the challenge, of course.  You want something engaging, endearing, and converting. Here are some guidelines on making engaging content.  

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