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Why Marketing Technology Must Catch up to Other Business Segments, and How CONCURED can Help

By Tom Salvat 12 September, 2019

From the moment the first caveman scratched a wobbly shape into a cave wall with a piece of charcoal, the flickering flame of a makeshift torch shining a light on the fledgling masterpiece, creativity and technology have gone hand in hand.

Increasing Demand Generation through Your Content

By Tom Salvat 10 September, 2019

Demand generation is a vital part of any long-term content marketing strategy. In involves multiple steps all designed to strengthen awareness and create desire around your company's product or service.

How We Use CONCURED Internally

By Tom Salvat 28 August, 2019

A lot of enterprise software is a black box. To get a full picture of what it can do for you, you have to schedule a demo and get connected with a salesperson. But your content schedule can’t wait. So we’ve decided to make a little mini demo to show how CONCURED can help your...

How To Build Links With CONCURED

By Tom Salvat 22 August, 2019

In our recent blog entry, An Analysis of A B2B Link Building Campaign, we looked at how content and link building are two of the top factors for ranking high on a Google search. Other important ranking factors include how mobile-friendly your website is, how fast your pages...

Analyzing the Effectiveness of your Content Marketing Workflows

By Tom Salvat 30 July, 2019

Think of everything you have to do—for work and your personal life.

An Analysis of B2B Link Building Campaign

By Tom Salvat 25 July, 2019

We all want our content to be found on the web. But with a seemingly infinite number of results that are returned with any given search (for example, a search query on "dog collar" returns 784,000,000 results while "content marketing" boasts 2,950,000,000 results), it can be...

Content Calendar Creation Strategy

By Tom Salvat 22 July, 2019

You have one on your phone. You use your work email's version to maintain order of your meetings. You may have a physical copy stashed in your purse, bag, or briefcase. Your fridge might have a dry erase board version. It can be completely barren or packed to the brim with...

CONCURED Honoured as a "Cool Vendor In Personalization" by Gartner Research

By Tom Salvat 18 July, 2019

Gartner Research released their “Cool Vendors in Personalization” report for 2019. We are pleased to announce that CONCURED is one of these vendors! According to the report’s website: “This research focuses on five vendors that go beyond targeted marketing and custom offers...

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