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A step-by-step guide to creating content marketing personas

By Michael Brenner 25 June, 2019

The first step of successful content marketing is to really understand who you’re writing for.

You might have some idea that your target audience is in a certain age range or what they’re interested in, but it can still be challenging writing for a faceless crowd, especially...

What is Content Personalization?

By Tom Salvat 24 June, 2019

This article is the first in our series of posts focusing on content personalization: What is it, what are the benefits, and how can you implement it into your current marketing strategy? Make sure the figurative submarine is tightly secured, because we're about to go on a...

How to Build Content Creation Into Your Company Workflow

By Michael Brenner 18 June, 2019

A strong and consistent content creation workflow is essential to your content marketing success. Content creation should not only be the responsibility of the marketing department. For a well- rounded marketing strategy that brings maximum benefits both externally and...

Why All Departments (Not Just Marketing) Must Have a Stake in Your Content Strategy

By Michael Brenner 10 June, 2019

Ask the decision makers of any enterprise-level business which department should have responsibility for the content marketing strategy, and they’ll undoubtedly name the marketing department.

Types of Shareable Content

By Tom Salvat 7 June, 2019

What kind of content do you have?

Does it compel people to share it with others, or does it fall a bit flat in that department?

Developing an Internal Content Marketing Strategy: Why and How?

By Michael Brenner 6 June, 2019

Your content marketing strategy most likely focuses on your external audience – your customers or followers. This makes sense, after all these people are the ones who’ll spend their money and help your business generate income.

B2B Local Content Marketing

By Tom Salvat 3 June, 2019

Is there an intersection between content marketing and local SEO for B2B businesses? That’s what we want to explore in this piece. Google and Bing have leaned a lot into local SEO on their search engine results pages. It’s become a lot easier for local businesses to get a...

Why Employee Engagement Must Be an Integral Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Michael Brenner 30 May, 2019

When developing a content marketing strategy for your business, you probably put a lot of thought into your goals, audience, content channels, and the types of content you will produce. But many businesses overlook one of the most effective strategies: engaging their...

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