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Does Dwell Time REALLY Mean Engagement?

By Tom Salvat 28 November, 2019

Let’s talk about engagement for a bit. It is believed that the more someone engages with your content, the more likely they’ll be to remember you and listen to what you say. It seems pretty obvious.

The MVP For Useful Blog Posts

By Tom Salvat 25 November, 2019

In software engineering, there’s a term called MVP, or minimum viable product. An MVP has the minimum features necessary to deliver on the promise of the product so the market will buy it. Until the software reaches this point, it can’t be sold.We think that blog posts also...

Prove Content Marketing ROI By Measuring Brand Awareness

By Tom Salvat 19 November, 2019

Content marketing serves many business purposes outside of driving conversions. Greatcontent marketing that is laser-focused on your audience can also increase brand awareness. If you’re able to measure the effect that your content is having on brandawareness, you are one...

Using Content Marketing For Link Building

By Tom Salvat 18 November, 2019

We’ve talked about how content marketing is great for building brand awareness and thatit’s an idea often missed by marketing teams fixated on SEO. Yet SEO is still a part of thecontent marketing game because it is so useful for building backlinks.Getting other sites to link...

Use An Explainer Video To Make Your Marketing Snappy

By Tom Salvat 13 November, 2019

What do readers pay attention to the most out of any other form of content?It’s video. People love to pay attention to video, especially younger consumers. Textcontent still has its place, of course, but the fact that videos grab attention means thatmarketing teams should...

A Case Study On Growing Blog Traffic 650% In Two Years

By Tom Salvat 11 November, 2019

Growing blog traffic is a content marketing KPI. More traffic means more eyeballs looking at your site’s content and more chances for conversions. But let’s be frank. Most business blogs are, shall we say, sluggish.

A Process For Writing B2B Blog Posts

By Tom Salvat 6 November, 2019

You need a piece of content to meet your content strategy. Before you, a blank page.This situation puts many content writers into a state of fear. The tyranny of the blank page is hard to overcome, even when you already have an idea of what you want to write about. Struggling...

Making Content Marketing Meaningful

By Tom Salvat 4 November, 2019

No content writer wants to put out pieces that are never read. It’s not a matter of business pride, but a matter of personal pride. We want our work to have meaning to us and the audience.

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