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A Case Study On Growing Blog Traffic 650% In Two Years

By Tom Salvat 11 November, 2019

Growing blog traffic is a content marketing KPI. More traffic means more eyeballs looking at your site’s content and more chances for conversions. But let’s be frank. Most business blogs are, shall we say, sluggish.

A Process For Writing B2B Blog Posts

By Tom Salvat 6 November, 2019

You need a piece of content to meet your content strategy. Before you, a blank page.This situation puts many content writers into a state of fear. The tyranny of the blank page is hard to overcome, even when you already have an idea of what you want to write about. Struggling...

Making Content Marketing Meaningful

By Tom Salvat 4 November, 2019

No content writer wants to put out pieces that are never read. It’s not a matter of business pride, but a matter of personal pride. We want our work to have meaning to us and the audience.

Building Client Trust Is The Reason To Do Content Marketing

By Tom Salvat 30 October, 2019

Why do we do content marketing? Why spend all this effort? What’s the purpose?

What Happens When Likes are Gone?

By Tom Salvat 28 October, 2019

Remember when Facebook reactions came out? Did you know they were used 300 billion times in the first year they were introduced, plus another 3,125,000 new likes every minute? That’s a lot of clicking on that little thumbs-up icon. 

What We Can Learn from Red Hat

By Tom Salvat 21 October, 2019

Red Hat's Global Content Team, lead by Laura Hamlyn, has been put on the radar of content marketers around the world lately because of the stellar work they're doing in the area of enterprise content marketing. What have they done that's so special, and what can we learn from...

Can Content Marketing Work With A Low CTR?

By Tom Salvat 16 October, 2019

In a previous article on how to start using structured data, we talked about a possible downside of getting too deeply into it. Giving search engines more information to work with may put your content at a higher location in the SERPs.

Using Structured Data To Improve Your Content Marketing

By Tom Salvat 14 October, 2019

How do people find your content? According to the Content Marketing Institute, the most common channels are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. But we cannot ignore the humble search engine, those librarians of the internet who work tirelessly to bring up the...

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