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Content Strategy: Top 5 Questions To Ask To Supercharge Your Buyer Persona

By Tom Salvat 27 August, 2018

Most buyer personas focus on the demographic data of their ideal customers and then extrapolate behavior based on those data points. While this technique works, it doesn’t necessarily take into account online behaviors. Many extrapolations are rooted in ideas about people’s...

CONCURED CEO Named Top AI CEO In Recent Global Awards

By Charlie Managhan 22 August, 2018

CONCURED's CEO, Tom Salvat has been awarded with the Best Artificial Intelligence CEO 2018 title through the CEO Excellence Awards!

Cycling through the Content Journey of a Lifetime

By Charlie Managhan 22 August, 2018

Great content and story telling is key to engaging an audience, that's why we fell in love this story and will be sponsoring intandemstories! Two cyclists travelling the world meeting communities from all walks of life, documenting their incredible journey along the way. 

Content Strategy: Agile Marketing with Jeff Julian

By Tom Salvat 20 August, 2018

Technology has thoroughly infiltrated the marketing space, and now software programming methodologies are proving quite useful for content marketers. Jeff Julian is at the forefront of introducing the Agile software development methodology to marketers in his book Agile...

Content Strategy: Data Driven Trends To Localize Your Global Content Strategy Planning

By Tom Salvat 20 August, 2018

Localizing your marketing content to give it global reach is a tough job. If you’re just starting out with global content marketing campaigns, you need to know that localization is NOT just translation. It’s changing slang, usage, style, cultural references, and anything else...

Content Strategy: Marketing and Sales Alignment With Pam Didner

By Tom Salvat 13 August, 2018

Pam Didner is a marketing consultant, author, and speaker. Her second book, Effective Sales Enablement, provides unconventional insights into how marketing and sales can better work together through strategy alignment, team organization, account-based marketing and...

Content Strategy: Empowering Your Brand with Big Data, and AI to Engage with Your Buyer Persona

By Tom Salvat 13 August, 2018

Companies create buyer personas to simulate their ideal customers. We used to build them by imagining broad demographic details about who we thought would be the perfect target for our products and services. That idea would then get fleshed out through surveys and customer...

The Importance Of Buyer Personas To Your Content Strategy

By Tom Salvat 6 August, 2018

Great content marketing strategy begins with knowing your customers and clients inside and out. Engaging audiences starts with the creation of buyer personas. Buyer personas form the imaginary and ideal audience of your content and your business. Making them is a common first...

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