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How Are Retail Businesses Benefiting from Content Intelligence?

By Tom Salvat 25 June, 2018

From big boxes to web giants, the retail sector of the economy is embracing content intelligence as a key part of their marketing operations. Retail operators, facing stiff competition and ever-changing consumer tastes, are embracing big data, machine learning, and artificial...

Content Intelligence For SMEs

By Tom Salvat 25 June, 2018

Large enterprises have the budgets to invest heavily in the tools and personnel for customized artificial intelligence platforms, sophisticated automation, and dedicated content intelligence teams, but it’s the small business sector that can most benefit from the cornucopia...

How Content Intelligence Creates an Unfair Content Strategy Advantage For Banks And Rating Agencies

By Tom Salvat 17 June, 2018

Have you ever closely looked at a wild field? It’s full of different kinds of plants all reaching for the sky. From a distance, it looks harmonious. But if you were to look closer and study it for some time, you’d see that it’s not harmonious at all. It’s a constant war for...

Content Intelligence Tools for Senior Content Strategists - Infographic

By Tom Salvat 17 June, 2018

 Today's senior content strategists, should know the importance of data-driven decisions and processes. Utilizing our expanded access to data and our growing array of content intelligence tools to analyze it, you can apply a data-driven methodology to every step of your...

How Content Intelligence with AI Improves Content Strategy and Increases Sales

By Tom Salvat 11 June, 2018

Picture the following.

A salesperson sits down to make their first call of the day. They pull up their CRM. The AI built into the CRM delivers a summary of data about the lead, not just the basics, but things like all the content their lead has seen. There’s also a...

How Content Intelligence Tools Help Banks Create Successful Content Marketing Strategies

By Tom Salvat 11 June, 2018

Banks are facing a real trust problem. Only a third of UK citizens trust their bank. US citizens trust their banks even less. Customers don’t expect banks to work in their best interests. That’s a serious problem. Part of the reason is many bank customers feel frustrated when...

How Financial Sector Marketers Use Content Intelligence To Increase Audience Engagement

By Tom Salvat 11 June, 2018

Content marketing AI platforms are going to change the way all businesses approach their audiences. It’s only in the past few years that AI has been used as an effective tool for business, it’s much like the early days of the internet - we’re still fumbling around a lot. But...

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