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Happy Readers

By Tom Salvat 31 August, 2016

Does Your Content Make Your Readers Happy? Sex sells. At least, that's what we've always been taught, right? That's Marketing 101 stuff. But there's something that sells better.

How to attract your tribe

By Tom Salvat 19 August, 2016

It's hard to believe that Chris Anderson's book "The Long Tail" (see here) is a decade old now. Even so, the information within is still so valuable. While many mainstream businesses still market to the lowest common denominator, trying to reach as many people as possible and...

Scaling your marketing operation

By Tom Salvat 16 August, 2016

As your company gets larger and you have to deal with more and more customers, how do you handle the marketing tasks without spending significantly more money? The easiest way to answer this is to use automation. But automation can lead to a lack of personality in your...

Does software help or harm the content creation process?

By Tom Salvat 11 August, 2016

Good content has a great creative spark behind it that can’t be replicated by any piece of software. But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t trying to make software to make content creation easier! Does using software really help you create more and better content pieces?...

Think of marketing in dating terms

By Tom Salvat 9 August, 2016

Modern marketing and marketing automation allows you to get granular data on wide swaths of the population. You can not only know who your audience is, but you can pinpoint it to almost individual people. 30 years ago there were only so many ways you could slice the...

Learning how to use older content

By Tom Salvat 4 August, 2016

According to Content Marketing Institute, at least 60% of all new content doesn’t perform. This is a statistic that strikes fear into content marketers because it means that most of their efforts are wasted. But it also points to another route for new content creation....

Cut the fat from your writing

By Tom Salvat 2 August, 2016

Technology and market research can tell you quite a lot about the type of content to write, but when you’re actually putting fingers to keyboard what makes good writing? It’s not just a matter of good spelling and no typos, though those are important. 

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