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The end of guesswork

CONCURED provides you with the content engagement sweet spot telling you exactly what to write about that will cut through the noise, fill your knowledge gaps, resonate with your audience and increase ROI whilst reducing costly waste.

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The missing piece in your marketing technology stack

Content Marketing has seen epic growth over the last few years and it has never been harder to stand out. There are plenty of tools to help you organize content, curate it, track it create it and more... but how do you own the conversation in your competitive market? And how do you decide what topics will drive that conversation? How much content should I create? What exactly do I need to prove ROI? That's where CONCURED steps in.
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Concured... what we do

Content Intelligence that...

shows content marketers exactly what content to create in order to engage audiences, own the conversation, and prove content ROI.


iTopic gives you the blueprint to be the most visible, well known and go-to source on the topics that are key to the success of your business.


iCreate tells you exactly what to write about that will cut through the noise, resonate with your audience, fill their knowledge gaps, and increase ROI while reducing content waste.


 iMeasure consolidates your view of the performance and ROI of your content, tells you if you are moving the needle and whether you have the right content marketing strategy to succeed.


iAudit provides an automated consolidated, scored, and searchable view of your and your competitor’s content to reduce waste and increase performance / ROI.

Why us?

CONCURED was founded to help content marketers tackle the biggest challenges you face. Our content intelligence platform powers the content development at companies such as STAPLES, Nationwide & Amazon. Our team has rich experience in both content marketing and technology, to help businesses take the guesswork out of creating and managing truly engaging content.  

Harmonise teams

CONCURED offers 100% transparency and provides all the data driven insight you need for your team to buy into your strategy

Creating Intelligence helps you define a better content marketing strategy

  • Most content simply doesn't resonate with your audience.

  • Marketers and agencies too often create and publish content just for the sake of meeting timelines and deliverables.
  • In our eBook, we talk about the six most common fears of content marketing and how you can conquer them with content intelligence. Click on the link below and find out how to overcome your worries about being too boring or controversial:
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What do our customers think?

"We have never understood the interests of our audience better."
Mark Tyler
Senior Marketing Manager at SKY
"This is the coolest technology I have seen in years!"
Robert Rose
"CONCURED data allows us to see exactly what topics we should focus on to engage our audience. This helps us to justify our decisions and gain buy-in from others across the business."
Chris Marais
Social & Digital Marketing Lead at Nationwide
"It's a must have for any in-house writing or editorial team."
Alycia Wilson
Content Strategy at BMO

A multi-award winning content marketing

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